Give someone a
glittery surprise
with a glitter bomb.

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Feel like a king and get glittery revenge on your friends.

Prank your friends or annoy your enemy with a funny glitter bomb letter, sent by us to your unfortunate target.

How it Works

Get started with a glitter bomb


Choose your target

Choose who is going to be your unlucky target to receive a glitter bomb letter surprise! This can be friends or family.


Let us work our magic

Our magical unicorns will put a load of glitter into your letter, which you can add your own message to or stay anonymous.


Boom! Haha! Surprise!

We will send your letter first-class in the UK to your unsuspecting target. Prepare to laugh as they’re showered in glitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

All about glitter bombs

Literally what you would expect! We take a letter with or without your custom message, shove it full of glitter and then mail it to your lucky target completely anonymously.

Make sure you enter the address in the Shipping Address section of the checkout page or be prepared to be pranked by yourself!

If you think you've made a mistake then contact us as soon as possible and we will happily fix this for you.

It costs just £5.99 to send a glitter bomb to anyone in the UK. We don't go light on the glitter!
Orders are usually processed and dispatched within 24 hours. If you order any time Monday - Friday then you should expect your glitter bomb to be processed and dispatched within one working day.
Orders placed on a weekend will not be dispatched until the following Monday.

We don't mention anything at all, so you can be safe of a completely anonymous service. The only give-aways could be what you write in your custom message, so be wary!

We don't add any branding to any of our glitter bombs or cards either. Phew!

Absolutely! Feel free to add up to 150 characters with your glitter bomb at absolutely no additional cost.
At this time we do not ship our glitter bombs outside of the United Kingdom, though it is something we are actively looking into.

We're pretty rapid to dispatch any orders as part of our speedy and reliable service. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us within 30 minutes of placing your order for the best chances of cancellation.

If your order is displayed as Completed in your account, or you have received a completed email notification, then your order has been processed and can no longer be cancelled.

It’s all fun and games, until someone gets hurt.

Glitter Boom UK is designed as a fun, novelty prank for friends and family. Our service should not be used to threaten or harass any individual under any circumstance.
If you are in any doubt that your glitter bomb will not be taken as a novelty, do not send it.